I write open source libraries for the programming environment Processing. If you are using Processing, maybe give them a try or start developing your own libraries with the library template.

  • controlP5

    controlP5 is a graphical user interface library for Processing which adds basic controller elements like sliders, buttons, list to a sketch as overlay or in a separate window.

  • oscP5

    oscP5 is a library that enables Processing to communicate with other hardware and software applications using the OSC protocol.

  • sDrop

    sDrop adds drag and drop support for files, folders, as well as text and urls to a Processing sketch.

  • Processing Library Template

    The Processing-Library-Template project aims to support Processing library developers with an eclipse project to build Processing libraries. The provided template will compile the library, create a javadoc reference and generate a one page html document.

    The template is now part of the Processing project and available through